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About me
How did I get here
What inspires me

In my studio practice, I approach my work in a non-hierarchical manner, fluidly shifting between painting, sculpture, collage, and video. My creative journey

is deeply rooted in feminism and the exploration

of motherhood.

It was my interest in feminism that sparked my exploration of motherhood three years ago when

I unexpectedly found myself pregnant at the age

of 41. This personal experience prompted

a profound examination of the psychological

aspects of pregnancy and early motherhood, while also impacting my social life due to being pregnant

at an older age.

My artworks delve into the multifaceted challenges

of single motherhood, as I grapple with balancing my roles as both an artist and a student, all while striving to create a nurturing environment for my daughter despite facing financial constraints and health issues.

Through my art, I confront the pervasive myth that suggests one must choose between fulfilling maternal duties and pursuing professional aspirations. These themes are deeply personal to me, reflecting my own experiences while simultaneously challenging societal norms surrounding motherhood and professional pursuits within the realm of art and beyond.

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